Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hello from Nick's step daughter!

Hello to everyone! I'm an 11 year old socialist! It's becauase he's evil and he made me a socialist. Well that's really not why, I just agree with him politicly because I've read some of Capital and know enough to agree. Did you know that I call little nicky Hello Trosky? Well....I do!!! I also call him Pickle. I poke him a lot (all the time), I just poked him!!! He's the best. Did you know that Nicholas is super fat?! Actually he is pretty thin. But I like to tease him. Nicholas likes Sponge Bob Square Pants!! HEE, HEEE, HEEEEEEEE! His former boss at the BAR he worked at called him his, "little dumpling boy", but we all called him Sponge Bob because he cooked burgers and kissed the boss's butt. He is mad at me because I wasn't serious on his serious Revolutionary Marxist blog.

Hello Troskys' little one says bye,bye!


Renegade Eye said...

Don't tell David Horowitz.

the flying monkeys said...

Hello found your link via Renegade eye.

You have been tagged.

cadpig said...

Marxsism who knew...
Out of all the Marxs I think I liked Harpo the best He could really wail on the harp. Were the marxs bro's Marxsist. Who knows. Do siberian huskys mark or am I marking up the wrong tree. I wonder if the FBI is monitoring this blog. A close friend of mine told me he knows an ex cia agent that says built in to the hard drive on every usa computer there is programing to allow them acsess into your files. Those crazy
guys. What will they think of next.
Well I all for Communism. But then I
am part hungarian. maybe.. at least
my wife tells me I have Russian hands and roman fingers. Well thats
enough frivolity.. good bye and good night misses cavienish where ever you are....

cadpig said...

Hello there again first of all pardon the misspelled words. I dont spell well and type worse. Every thing should come with spell check. seriously this is a great blog. Anything that promotes free thinking should be appluded in todays society. as far as the whole marxist ideal goes I've always leaned that way but have become so cynical in the last decade or so that it's hard for me to grasp the the bandwagon of hope for any dramatic positive change in american society. As long as there are men who crave power it is hard to see any real hope for a unified world. except maybe it startrek..

James Nease said...

Even if an 11 year old read the Das Capital, I seriously doubt they would understand it. Any 11 year old can read a book, but did they seriously understand what "Proletariat" meant, did they understand the economic intricities?

Biological and sociological explainations can say that an 11 year child's brain function is sub-parse to an adult. They only understand certain things, and think with a certain pattern.

We consider them naive and innocent but the thing is it's because they are they can be indoctrinated. (I.E 13 year olds in Somalia with rifles fighitng for a warlord)

Do I think you are a bad parent? No, do I think it was wrong for you to introduce her to something when she isn't capable of understanding? Yes.

A child should choose everything, when she is old enough to know how the market works she should make that decision, not have it force fed by her step-father.