Friday, April 25, 2008

Starvation, Capitalism and the Planned Economy

NPR reported today that Africa’s GDP would have been 1/3 greater if there had been a cure or effective treatment for malaria. By extension, poverty would have actually been less severe. There is however, a number of existing treatments, cheap, preventative measures and other cures could have been developed except that capitalism saw no profit in doing so. A collectivized socialist world economy would make ridding Africa and other tropical regions of preventable diseases part of the program of extending free medical care to all.

This topic of the socialist planned economy seems all the more relevant given the huge spike in food prices, which seem to have been rising for some time now, that have spawned food riots across the globe. Again the proof that the capitalist economy can only serve the market and not human needs, essentially telling the 1 billion people who exist on less than $2 a day to go fuck themselves.

The long-term solution is in the establishment of a coordinated planned economy working to serve the total development of humanity. To do this we must work for world socialist revolution!

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