Friday, May 16, 2008

Fruits of Capitalist Counter Revolution in USSR

This Trotskyist punk video is absolutely astonishing and wretchedly saddening at the same time. It shows the lives of very young street orphans, bezprizorniki, living in Moscow's metro's, begging, and sniffing glue to get high in order to stave off the pain of their abused existence. These are the results of a real restoration of capitalism (1991-1992), just in case someone thought that it had occurred at some other time. The music is quite good and uses the melody of the Soviet National Anthem, which I must admit I have a fondness for.


Gabriel said...

Hi Nicholas I have used your you tube link to the Moscow street kids...depressing stuff. As for the Soviet anthem embed..well its via this site...its a kind of online jukebox and they allow you to embed certain tunes...go to

Renegade Eye said...

There is reports of an embryo of a worker's and socialist movement, coming out of the ashes of Stalinism and gangster capitalism.