Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Response to NPR anti-Communism

I wrote the following response to the recap and letters from a May 7 edition of "The Story" from American Public Media aired on NPR. The original story, linked to here, aired on May 5. The story and letters from May 7 were so grossly anti-communist that I could not help but to respond. Here is my response:

To Dick Gordon,


I have to voice my extreme displeasure over the coverage and subsequent stream of letters that followed the story of Ahn Duong, U.S. weapons maker. The extreme lies, smears and distortions against Communists presented in the story and in the letters that you read really present a lying and skewed picture of world history and the fight for freedom of the worlds oppressed. To read the story of the Vietnamese victimized by the Communists and not remind people of the possibly 2 million Vietnamese killed by the U.S., not to mention American bombing of Laos and Cambodia.


To constantly mention, as NPR does, persecution in Cuba by the Fidelistas, all the while hiding the great health care, and relative social equality that Cubans enjoy, far in excess of any other poor nation of their level of development, really distorts reality. How are people supposed to make informed decisions about history when even NPR is not much above a kind of "iced latte McCarthyism."


I am a descendent of Yugoslav immigrants who "fled" Yugoslav Communism. These parents/relatives of mine are the vilest sort racists who not only support the wholesale slaughter of their fellow country-men (during the 1990's Bosnian-Civil War, Kosovo, etc.) but are horrid racists against Blacks and other racial minorities here. I find a similar pattern among many of the "refugees" from Socialist states. They come to America/Canada and basically become white supremacists and ass holes. If I were alive in 1945, I too would have thrown my grandfather in prison as a soldier in the Royal Yugoslav Army-clearly a potential threat to multi-ethnic, communist Yugoslavia.


I would welcome an opportunity to share these views on your show.


Thank you


Renegade Eye said...

You shouldn't have mentioned your family to Dick Gordon. Now he'll want you to come on his show, and attack your family.

I'm a radio fan over TV.

Nicholas said...

I would happily go on the show. While I would not slander, I would say real things and beliefs that are held by members of my family and their community.

markin said...

Check my comment in response to yours on Brahmins blog-Markin

Renegade Eye said...

I live near Garrison Keiller. A well meaning guy, who is so provincial.